About Us


The Hungry Vegan Mission


At Hungry Vegan, we’re on a mission.

We support vegans, vegetarians & animal lovers around the world.

We believe this world can change starting with you. At Hungry Vegan, we believe together we can make a difference.

Our mission is simple but not easy – to raise awareness of a plant-based lifestyle and reduce the global effects caused by eating meat through fun, stylish Vegan T-shirts, tank tops, kids wear, baby clothing, and gear.

And trust us, we’re just getting started, we have even bigger plans for the future!

100% No Sweatshops & Eco-Friendly

We think spreading the plant-based lifestyle message alone isn’t enough.

We support a strong sweatshop free approach to production. This means that almost the entire manufacturing process takes place right here in America in sweatshop-free environments.

All of our design and printing is also done in Los Angeles and Miami too.

We’re designing it here, dyeing it here and cutting it here. The garments are then assembled and printed in the U.S. or Central America. All of our production is 100% sweatshop-free and our clothing partners are Platinum W.R.A.P. Certified.

Low Impact Partners

We care about animals, people, and the environment too. We believe in sweatshop-free work environments and we do everything we can to minimize our ecological footprint with every product we create.

We choose to work with clothing partners that are also ecologically friendly and implement low-impact dyeing process eliminates chemical waste, providing environmental and health benefits.

Our partners also use a low impact fiber reactive process to dye our organic cotton.

This process uses the least amount of water when compared with all other dye processes available and the cotton absorbs over 70% of the dyestuff. The dye forms a direct linkage to the cotton fiber resulting in superior colorfastness and minimal run-off.

Questions or Concerns?

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